First Procrastination helper for the year

So most people are back at work (not me, I’m an unemployed bum) and are struggling to remember what they were supposed to be doing.  I know last year I was surprised to come back to a lot of applications for a job I forgot that I’d posted.

But to ease you all back into working life I have a couple of links to help you put off actually doing any work.

First up is one I discovered yesterday, Lousy Book Covers is  a brilliantly terrible look at the, ahem, wonders of cover art among self published books.  It’s quality like this that make me hesitant to self publish.

The other is an oldie but a goodie – David & Goliath have  a range of clothing and stationary – Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them, they also have a game – which is lots of fun.

Happy Procrastinating.


Hello and Happy New Years Eve Eve.

Today is a special day in the land of Procrastinators anonymous as it is a year since my first blog post.  I have managed despite my procrastination and worst efforts managed to keep this blog going for a whole year – which is almost miraculous.

While I’ve only managed to blog about a third of the time it’s still an achievement and I have managed to get people to my blog and have some followers who don’t even know me at all, even if they were enticed by a picture of my cat when they googled ‘a cat named boots’.

So thank you for reading and let’s look forward to the next year which will hopefully see me become a published writer.

What have I done? or step by step to entering a writing competition

Yes it’s been a long time again between posts but I have finally finished and sent off my manuscript – aaah!

I thought I’d document the momentous occasion on here – it also might help distract me from the sinking feeling that may it’s 42,000 of complete rubbish.

  Step 1 The title page is printed off in colour     

Step 2 – all printed and waiting to be bound

Step 3 – The finished product!

Step 4 – all bound and ready to post!

Step 5 – all packaged off and in the mail

Step Have a well deserved coffee and chocolate caramel tart

Step 7 – Come home to ‘Congratulations on finishing your novel’ flowers from your flatmate

I would like to thank the staff at Warehouse Stationary in Penrose for being so accommodating, and the customers who had to wait as one of the staff was dealing with my printing, also to the man at the post shop in Sylvia Park who didn’t think it was too insane that I wanted to take a photo of the package before it went and the customers who did think was insane until I explained why I was taking photos.



And so I’m back

So it has been a wee while since I posted, but I have an actual legitimate cause for not blogging – I was writing, or more to the point rewriting.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m entering a competition at the end of this month (eek!) so the last week or so I’ve been doing a lot of work on the book.  I’ve sent it to a group of my friends for second round of editing this group is made up of

  1. A Shoe shop owner who’s good at picking out the words I’ve forgotten and avid reader
  2. A former teacher who now works in publishing and general grammarian (that’s the polite term)
  3. A university researcher who’s had to edit his thesis and is a general grammarian
  4. A vet and avid reader

This should make sure that all my punctuation, grammar and spelling is perfect and there aren’t any inconsistencies so that I can hopefully wow the judges when I enter it to the competition.

I don’t know that I’ve actually said on here what my book is about.  Essentially it’s about a 16 year old who finds out that that her family have been hiding a massive secret from her – they can time travel.  She only finds out for the first time when she actually travels.  But someone is messing with her life and they seem to be using time travel to do it.

Obviously I can’t share more than that in case I actually win!


Douglas Adams had a great quote about deadlines: I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.

Of course that’s fine for someone who’s a working writer – you know, the kind that gets paid for writing and has lots of people who read their work (not that I don’t appreciate my small but perfectly formed following), but if you’re a writer who still needs a day job and you have a deadline for a competition which could change the situation, letting the deadline whoosh by isn’t an option.

It occurred to me today that I’ve got two months to finish work on my book before I enter it into the competition I want to enter. TWO MONTHS.  I’ve done a lot of work but I still have quite a bit to go and it’s the re writing, fixing, etc. ie the boring parts, the parts that are about making sure it all makes sense and the characters walk and talk like individual people with their own motivations.

The intensive writing starts this weekend, my flatmate has agreed to disconnecting the wifi and hiding the router in her room for the room because when the internet is around I can’t be trusted. So by the end of the weekend I’ll either have done a lot of work or have gone round the twist.