What have I done? or step by step to entering a writing competition

Yes it’s been a long time again between posts but I have finally finished and sent off my manuscript – aaah!

I thought I’d document the momentous occasion on here – it also might help distract me from the sinking feeling that may it’s 42,000 of complete rubbish.

  Step 1 The title page is printed off in colour     

Step 2 – all printed and waiting to be bound

Step 3 – The finished product!

Step 4 – all bound and ready to post!

Step 5 – all packaged off and in the mail

Step Have a well deserved coffee and chocolate caramel tart

Step 7 – Come home to ‘Congratulations on finishing your novel’ flowers from your flatmate

I would like to thank the staff at Warehouse Stationary in Penrose for being so accommodating, and the customers who had to wait as one of the staff was dealing with my printing, also to the man at the post shop in Sylvia Park who didn’t think it was too insane that I wanted to take a photo of the package before it went and the customers who did think was insane until I explained why I was taking photos.