Stick it to the man

Not something I usually say because A) I’m a pretty law abiding person and B) in a corporate sense as someone who works in HR I pretty much am ‘the man’.  But this week is an exception, it’s Banned Book week, a time where readers of the world stand up and say ‘Oi! Hands off our books!’

A lot of libraries have displays about banned books and there’s some surprising inclusions – my friend Jennie and I are still trying to figure out why the Anastasia books are banned in some places and we saw that in a display when we were at university.

There are usual suspects – the loony tunes people who think that Harry Potter encourages children to worship satan or think that adults can’t decide if they want to read about sex, drugs and rock n roll.

The books I’m currently may not have been banned but given one of them involves  an angry deity possibly smiting a city it’s certainly the kind of thing that could be.  So go read stuff, especially banned stuff.