Dear universe, please stop conspiring against me

OK so I’m completely rubbish and haven’t posted in a month but I haven’t been sitting at home watching TV online, I’ve actually been working – just a temp role doing admin support with a dash of HR thrown because they don’t have any HR Support and I’m there.

But more and more over the last month or so I’ve had the feeling that the universe is trying to teach me a lesson in patience.  Well, Universe I’m just as impatient – I haven’t waited patiently for things to sort themselves out – I’ve bitched and moaned the entire way, tapped my foot been generally irritable.

As of right now things I’m waiting to hear back  about:

  • Feedback from an interview on 28th Feb (desperately needed someone quickly)
  • Feedback from an interview on 1st March
  • Feedback from an interview on Thursday (that’s still well within the ‘we’re thinking’ timeframe)
  • info about 2 other roles from two different agencies
  • List of finalists for the writing competition (remember that? yep less than a month till the winner’s announced no news)
  • The physio to phone back so I can arrange a time for them to sort out my shoulder
  • Alexander Skasgard or David Tennant to declare their undying love (ok so I may be waiting a long time for that)

That’s a lot of stuff to be waiting on! Expect news of a 33 year old woman in Auckland whose head exploded.

Bah Humbug

It's Everywhere I Look Around!

There’s not many things on the calender that I get really annoyed and bah humbuggy about.  Sure Christmas decorations in October and Easter eggs in February are stupid and annoying but the thing that gets me into a real Bah Humbug rant is Valentines Day.

First off it’s used to cell everything from Jewelry to concrete.  Some things (Jewelry, flowers – the usual suspects) make sense but some of them are a real stretch.

Second, yes my love life is non existent, thank you advertising companies/retailers for reminding me all the time for an entire month.  It never would have occurred to me that I was single, without being reminded.

Third, smug marrieds who say ‘but we don’t celebrate it’. Well there’s two points to that 1. obviously someone does or else companies wouldn’t spend so much time and money trying to milk every last cent out of it. and 2. you CHOOSE not to celebrate it, I have about as much choice in whether or not it I celebrate as Vin Diesel does on how much shampoo to use.

Fourth, do people in relationships really need to be reminded to tell their significant others that they love them?  Surely it’s better to do lots of nice little things through the year and really mean it rather than making a huge spectacle on one day because a greeting card company wanted to make money between Christmas and Mothers day?

End of rant – back to normal programming

A few different things

Hello and welcome to the blog, yes you have come to the right blog, I’ve just redecorated a bit. What do you think?

I only hope I like it as much as I did at 1.30 am this morning when I couldn’t sleep.

Since I don’t have anything major here are a few random thoughts for the day

  1. We need a new word – goognesia – its that thing where you open up a new browser window to look for something but by the time you get to it you’ve forgotten what you were going to google.
  2. Is for HR Managers – remember when you’re recruiting you’re supposed to have a person specification BEFORE you start advertising, make sure the recruitment agencies have it too.
  3. They Found Richard III’s remains in a car park in Leicester! Now if they could only work out what happened to the Princes in the Tower that would pretty much wrap up mysteries from the end part of the War of the Roses. In other news as a History Geek I’m loving this blog right now.

OCD (Obsessive Cat Disorder)

I have come to the conclusion that my cat is suffering from an obsessive disorder, for reasons unknown he is completely obsessed with a scratching mat.


Fonzie with his beloved

A couple of years ago when he was really still a baby he made a couple of attempts at clawing my couch, this was met with a giant telling off.  After the second time I figured that even though he as trees aplenty to sharpen his claws on he may need something else so I bought him a cheap mat.

Now he’s always liked it – mainly for sitting on (out of the whole deck he’ll sit on the mat) but lately he’s gone from a mat fancier to a mat addict.  He claws at it and rolls around on it and if he’s pushed it over the side of the deck and you put it back for him he’ll go straight to it


Fonzie and the mat having a moment

It’s an obsession – the only thing he loves more is food.  I wonder if there’s some sort of ‘mat anonymous’ for cats.

Clearly I need a pony

This is not a sentiment I express a lot and in fact sounds like I’m channeling my friend Sarah (though I think she’d actually prefer a tea cup pig)  but today it would be really useful to have a horse.

As I’ve said I’m currently between jobs and I have been a number of  interviews since my last contract finished most of which I just missed out on, a couple I missed out on because there was some essential area of experience that I simply didn’t have but mostly I was a close second.  Essentially the message I’m getting is I’m not actually doing anything wrong it’s just I keep coming up against marginally more experience than me. It’s generally a case of I’m awesome, just not quite awesome enough.

Today was another similar situation.  I heard back from an interview I had last week for a role within the horse racing industry,  the good news is they really liked me, my approach to HR and my common sense approach to things.  However I didn’t get the job because I was beaten out by another person – the difference between us? He had shares in a race horse and therefore had industry experience.

I think not getting a job because I don’t have a horse is a pretty unique experience, I’m choosing to find it funny.

Happy Anniversary

Today is a public holiday in Auckland and the top half of the North Island of New Zealand as it’s Auckland Anniversary day, not that it really means a lot given that I don’t actually have a job.

So today I’m celebrating another anniversary; today 200 years ago Pride and Prejudice was released.

If I was really pushed to name one favourite book Pride and Prejudice would probably be it, I generally read once a year. But of course I was a teenager in the 90’s and there’s a very good reason that I started reading Pride and Prejudice and that has nothing to do with wanting to be well versed in the classics and everything to do with Colin Firth.

It was 1996 when the BBC Mini series played in New Zealand, it was the year of Alanis Morrisette, everyone was obsessed with Friends and I had a ‘Rachael’ hair cut (my hair was made for that cut) in the winter of 1996 Pride and Prejudice played and I was obsessed.  I have vivid memories of going on a ski trip for Rangers (oldest branch of Guides in NZ) and us all sitting around at 8.30 on the Sunday and saying “Pride and Prejudice is starting now…” because the cabin didn’t have a TV  – but we’d ALL set our videos to record it.  I also remember my friend and I getting in trouble for not listening History because we were too busy talking about people being ‘agreeable’ and ‘amiable’.

I’ve since gone on to read all of Jane Austen’s books, to wish that her last name was spelt with with an i rather than an e so I could claim that we were related and visited Chawton in Hampshire where she lived and wrote many of her books, the house in Winchester where she died (well the outside) and her grave in Winchester Cathedral.

So Happy Anniversary not only to Auckland but to Pride and Prejudice and The Darcy’s who’ve been living happily ever after for 200 years.