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About Procrastinators Anonymous


My name is Naomi and I’m a procrastinator.  This has long been obvious to me and in keeping with this affliction I’ve never done anything about it.

This Blog will in itself be a form of procrastination but it’s designed to be somewhere to keep me responsibleish as I keep procrastinating about doing stuff and maybe, just maybe by having a public record I might get stuff done, or maybe we’ll finally get to see if flying pigs make better bacon than their landlocked cousins.

I’ve had a couple of attempts at writing blogs before but as I’m a world class procrastinator they would eventually just die out but this time it will be different, this time there’s a purpose, this time I’m going to link the site to facebook and people who actually know me, or sort of know me or who knew me when I was 12 will be able berate me if I’m a slacker.

As a world class procrastinator I’m always on the look out for new and unusual ways to procrastinate, so I’ll be posting some of my favourites.

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