How quickly things change

I don’t know about anyone else but there’s a weird trend in my life of things coming out of the blue and changing things really quickly.  This has happened in both small  and large ways.  When I look at the things that have really made a big impact on my life a lot of them have come out of no where or come from snap decisions.

As I’ve said before I work in HR, which I often say I’m only in because I knew how to use mail merge.  I’d never planned to have a career in HR, mainly because I didn’t really know  what HR was  (I’m sure there’s people reading this thinking ‘I still don’t’).   I sort of happened upon HR while I was working in London and when I was already working as an HR Administrator realised it was the thing I wanted to do and that the idea that you can enjoy work wasn’t a myth sold to you by corporates who want you to keep working. I’ve made split second decisions to move into flats which have thankfully worked out, had two major life changing events happen out of no where in a matter of weeks – the list goes on.

The latest is my change in status from an unemployed bum to gainfully employed.  Yesterday morning just before 8.30 my phone rang, and I (hopefully) managed to sound vaguely professional and not at all like I’d just woken up, and I answered a call from a recruitment agent asking if I was interested in Temping and was I available immediately (yes and yes) by 2.3o yesterday I’d been for an interview and I was all set to start, today.  Today I had a handover with the current person who’s leaving and Monday I start properly.  Next week will also be the first time I’ve worked a full week since August so that should be interesting.

It’s kind of like the line from the John Lennon song ‘Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.’  Which is why I don’t really long term plan – just see what turns up at my door next, it’s much easier that way.