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Motivate me

In a truly heroic effort I have managed to drag myself to the gym three times this week in an effort get this routine thing that people keep talking about. Since I last went to the gym there’s been a change of ownership and as part of taking over the new owners  have painted/stenciled ‘motivational’ phrases which includes ‘you’re just one workout away from a better mood’.  

Now I know I’m a cynic and ‘motivational’ sayings usually bring out my inner snark (as noted by choice of punctuation around the world motivational) but I don’t know who these actually help, especially as actually dragging yourself to the damn gym in the first place rather than going home to sit on the couch and drink wine like any sane person is the main achievement – it’s not like you’re going to sit in the corner with your book once you’ve got there now is it?  So I think they should be more realistic with their motivation, maybe ‘exercise – it’s like cleaning the house except you can’t take turns with your flatmate’  or ‘exercise – no you can’t pay someone to do it for you’, ‘exercise – stop whining about it you still have to do it.’

Of course it doesn’t help that the making endorphins part of my has faulty wiring and isn’t connected to the recognise that I’ve just done exercise part of my brain.

All this got me thinking about Demotivational posters (which if you haven’t seen you should look at – it’ll kill a decent amount of time if you’re trying to procrastinate) and how I should really write posters for them – maybe I’ll get around to it… one day.

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