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When things come together in odd ways.

Hi there, long time no post I know.  At this point I’m like that douche bag ex who comes back and promises that this time it’ll be different  only to disappear for ages, or basically the guy from this song.  I come in, blog, make grand promises to blog more then don’t bother for ages.  But this time it’s different I swear!

So this week was my birthday and I did have a bit of a ‘holy crap, I’m 34’ moment – you know when your life is no where near as together as you think it should be (that’s a whole other post…).  But it does seem that there has been a concerted effort by people involved in some of my favourite things to bring me news of new stuff for my birthday.

It started on my Wednesday – my actual birthday (as opposed to the week long celebration period) the BBC announced the title and poster for the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who (current pop culture obsession) then on Friday it was announced that JK Rowling is writing a script for a new film set in the world of Harry Potter and a second Beatles at the BBC CD is being released with a whole lot of previously unreleased material.

It’s like everyone (or at least people in Britain with decision making in specific areas of pop culture) was working to get me stuff I like for my birthday.  Now they just have to repeat it next year.

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