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Life, work and a cat who’s lost the plot

So I’m back and it’s a Monday so what the hell, let’s try and start a routine…again.

I’ve been dreadful at blogging of late and the main reason I came on here was because google have let the power go to their heads and have gone all ‘evil empire’ on things and my friend who owns an online shoe shop has been hit by a new google program which is supposed to stop spam but is actually stopping a lot of the traffic to her website.  The upshot of this is that she’s having to rework her whole website and get links removed from websites that might be dodgy – like this one apparently.

But since I’m here I may as well update.  I’m into my third week in my new job which is going really well, I’m really enjoying it and it’s interesting and busy and varied and we went out to dinner in my first week!

My cat though seems to have crossed the line into all out crazy though.  He’s always been pretty playful but he’s become obsessed with these little multicoloured pom poms that I bought to doctor a jumper for an ugly jumper day we had at my old work.  I really don’t know why but his reaction to them is like how other cats react to catnip.  I’ll try and get a video of it because it’s hilarious and a complete over reaction.

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