Return of a rubbish blogger


So clearly I’ve been rubbish at blogging lately and will undoubtedly  be sent to blogger purgatory   having my liver pecked by birds or something.  

So what’s happened in the 6 weeks since I posted? Have I been sitting around in my PJ’s eating toast and watching TV on the net? Actually no! In the last 6 weeks I’ve:

  • Gone to work, and managed not to stab anyone or in fact let loose with a long string of obscenities
  • Blown up my hair straighteners with a very impressive bang.
  • Completed two assignments and there for the paper I’ve been doing despite my extreme indifference and chronic procrastination
  • Bought a new laptop (I’m posting on it now – don’t I seem thinner, lighter, faster and quieter?) 
  • I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time reading stuff about Doctor Who on the net
  • Cooked duck for the first time (very successfully too)
  • Started revision version god knows what of my book.

So you know, I’ve done stuff.  One thing is certain though – I need to get better at regular blogging.