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It’s Procrastination time!

So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these – it’s time to introduce you to some of the wonderful places on the internet where you can while away the hours when you really should be doing something else.

I’m studying again this semester and my essay topics are really really boring.  Now I’m sure most students say that but it actually got so bad that I cleaned my oven, which is by far my least favourite job.

One thing which has been a great form of procrastination has been this game, where you have to name the 75 London Tube stations represented in pictures.  That’s right 75 tube stations.  I swear I spent more time staring at the tube map when I was trying to figure this out than I did during the entire time I lived in London.  I warn you now – you will end up cheating.  You will also end up thinking of random tube stations at random moments.

I have wondered several times exactly how I managed my rampant procrastination as well as my obsession du jour, then I remembered – when I was studying the first time around I lived at home and we 15 hours of dial up internet per month.  This was enough to check emails, do some research and spend a bit of time on the Harry Potter forum I was on at the time. Now I have 80GB per month of broadband, a much faster computer and a lot of stuff to look at online.

Mind you I also remember failing an assignment because the book ‘Into the Wilderness’ was far more interesting than comparative readings about Social Studies education, so there are always distractions to be found.

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