NZ Book Month

So it’s March, and March is apparently NZ book month.  NZ Book month is apparently a way of promoting reading to the masses because, you know the masses they don’t do the reading thing so much, the masses are more about the watching of rugby and reality TV.

Now this is a fantastic and lofty goal which I wholeheartedly support, of course more people should be reading! I’m the last person who’ll knock any initiative to get people reading, given that I force books upon people who show the slightest weakness.

The problem I have with it is that rather than just trying to promote reading to people who may or may not be interested, given that it’s NZ Book Month shouldn’t it promote NZ books?

I read quite a lot but I don’t read a lot of New Zealand fiction.  This isn’t because I’m biased against it or that I don’t like NZ Fiction, it’s because 1. New Zealand is a small country with a limited market so obviously marketing books that are mainly for a New Zealand market is an expensive exercise. 2. For reasons known only to book shops and publishing companies adult New Zealand Fiction has it’s own section rather than being in with general fiction.  Children’s and YA books aren’t separated out like this, all books are mixed in together so Lynley Dodd’s Hairy McLairy books are mixed in with The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Margaret Mahy’s The Changeover is in with Twilight.

Surely NZ Book month could be used like NZ Music month is used – as an opportunity to promote work by New Zealanders.  NZ Music month almost doesn’t need to exist anymore because New Zealand music is played on the radio all the time regardless of what time of the year it is.  I’m sure New Zealand books are the same – they just need to be in the lime light a bit more.

Dear universe, please stop conspiring against me

OK so I’m completely rubbish and haven’t posted in a month but I haven’t been sitting at home watching TV online, I’ve actually been working – just a temp role doing admin support with a dash of HR thrown because they don’t have any HR Support and I’m there.

But more and more over the last month or so I’ve had the feeling that the universe is trying to teach me a lesson in patience.  Well, Universe I’m just as impatient – I haven’t waited patiently for things to sort themselves out – I’ve bitched and moaned the entire way, tapped my foot been generally irritable.

As of right now things I’m waiting to hear back  about:

  • Feedback from an interview on 28th Feb (desperately needed someone quickly)
  • Feedback from an interview on 1st March
  • Feedback from an interview on Thursday (that’s still well within the ‘we’re thinking’ timeframe)
  • info about 2 other roles from two different agencies
  • List of finalists for the writing competition (remember that? yep less than a month till the winner’s announced no news)
  • The physio to phone back so I can arrange a time for them to sort out my shoulder
  • Alexander Skasgard or David Tennant to declare their undying love (ok so I may be waiting a long time for that)

That’s a lot of stuff to be waiting on! Expect news of a 33 year old woman in Auckland whose head exploded.