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Bah Humbug

It's Everywhere I Look Around!

There’s not many things on the calender that I get really annoyed and bah humbuggy about.  Sure Christmas decorations in October and Easter eggs in February are stupid and annoying but the thing that gets me into a real Bah Humbug rant is Valentines Day.

First off it’s used to cell everything from Jewelry to concrete.  Some things (Jewelry, flowers – the usual suspects) make sense but some of them are a real stretch.

Second, yes my love life is non existent, thank you advertising companies/retailers for reminding me all the time for an entire month.  It never would have occurred to me that I was single, without being reminded.

Third, smug marrieds who say ‘but we don’t celebrate it’. Well there’s two points to that 1. obviously someone does or else companies wouldn’t spend so much time and money trying to milk every last cent out of it. and 2. you CHOOSE not to celebrate it, I have about as much choice in whether or not it I celebrate as Vin Diesel does on how much shampoo to use.

Fourth, do people in relationships really need to be reminded to tell their significant others that they love them?  Surely it’s better to do lots of nice little things through the year and really mean it rather than making a huge spectacle on one day because a greeting card company wanted to make money between Christmas and Mothers day?

End of rant – back to normal programming

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