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A few different things

Hello and welcome to the blog, yes you have come to the right blog, I’ve just redecorated a bit. What do you think?

I only hope I like it as much as I did at 1.30 am this morning when I couldn’t sleep.

Since I don’t have anything major here are a few random thoughts for the day

  1. We need a new word – goognesia – its that thing where you open up a new browser window to look for something but by the time you get to it you’ve forgotten what you were going to google.
  2. Is for HR Managers – remember when you’re recruiting you’re supposed to have a person specification BEFORE you start advertising, make sure the recruitment agencies have it too.
  3. They Found Richard III’s remains in a car park in Leicester! Now if they could only work out what happened to the Princes in the Tower that would pretty much wrap up mysteries from the end part of the War of the Roses. In other news as a History Geek I’m loving this blog right now.

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