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OCD (Obsessive Cat Disorder)

I have come to the conclusion that my cat is suffering from an obsessive disorder, for reasons unknown he is completely obsessed with a scratching mat.


Fonzie with his beloved

A couple of years ago when he was really still a baby he made a couple of attempts at clawing my couch, this was met with a giant telling off.  After the second time I figured that even though he as trees aplenty to sharpen his claws on he may need something else so I bought him a cheap mat.

Now he’s always liked it – mainly for sitting on (out of the whole deck he’ll sit on the mat) but lately he’s gone from a mat fancier to a mat addict.  He claws at it and rolls around on it and if he’s pushed it over the side of the deck and you put it back for him he’ll go straight to it


Fonzie and the mat having a moment

It’s an obsession – the only thing he loves more is food.  I wonder if there’s some sort of ‘mat anonymous’ for cats.

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