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Clearly I need a pony

This is not a sentiment I express a lot and in fact sounds like I’m channeling my friend Sarah (though I think she’d actually prefer a tea cup pig)  but today it would be really useful to have a horse.

As I’ve said I’m currently between jobs and I have been a number of  interviews since my last contract finished most of which I just missed out on, a couple I missed out on because there was some essential area of experience that I simply didn’t have but mostly I was a close second.  Essentially the message I’m getting is I’m not actually doing anything wrong it’s just I keep coming up against marginally more experience than me. It’s generally a case of I’m awesome, just not quite awesome enough.

Today was another similar situation.  I heard back from an interview I had last week for a role within the horse racing industry,  the good news is they really liked me, my approach to HR and my common sense approach to things.  However I didn’t get the job because I was beaten out by another person – the difference between us? He had shares in a race horse and therefore had industry experience.

I think not getting a job because I don’t have a horse is a pretty unique experience, I’m choosing to find it funny.

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