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Happy Anniversary

Today is a public holiday in Auckland and the top half of the North Island of New Zealand as it’s Auckland Anniversary day, not that it really means a lot given that I don’t actually have a job.

So today I’m celebrating another anniversary; today 200 years ago Pride and Prejudice was released.

If I was really pushed to name one favourite book Pride and Prejudice would probably be it, I generally read once a year. But of course I was a teenager in the 90’s and there’s a very good reason that I started reading Pride and Prejudice and that has nothing to do with wanting to be well versed in the classics and everything to do with Colin Firth.

It was 1996 when the BBC Mini series played in New Zealand, it was the year of Alanis Morrisette, everyone was obsessed with Friends and I had a ‘Rachael’ hair cut (my hair was made for that cut) in the winter of 1996 Pride and Prejudice played and I was obsessed.  I have vivid memories of going on a ski trip for Rangers (oldest branch of Guides in NZ) and us all sitting around at 8.30 on the Sunday and saying “Pride and Prejudice is starting now…” because the cabin didn’t have a TV  – but we’d ALL set our videos to record it.  I also remember my friend and I getting in trouble for not listening History because we were too busy talking about people being ‘agreeable’ and ‘amiable’.

I’ve since gone on to read all of Jane Austen’s books, to wish that her last name was spelt with with an i rather than an e so I could claim that we were related and visited Chawton in Hampshire where she lived and wrote many of her books, the house in Winchester where she died (well the outside) and her grave in Winchester Cathedral.

So Happy Anniversary not only to Auckland but to Pride and Prejudice and The Darcy’s who’ve been living happily ever after for 200 years.

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