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Cloudy with a chance of Chardonnay

About a month ago my flatmate got a soda stream.  This is obviously awesome as like many people who grew up in 80’s I still think of soda streams as being the height of cool, my cousins had a machine (they also had video before we did which was very cool).

Aside from the 80’s cool factor (even if it no longer comes with the swirly glass bottles) there was one thing I’d been I’d been dying to try and that was making bubbly wine out of still wine, which I saw on Heston Blumenthal.  

Admittedly I saw the episode a few years ago and I didn’t bother to check how it was supposed to be done but the premise seemed  pretty simple – put the wine into a soda stream bottle and add fizz.  If only it was that simple.

I poured the wine into a soda stream bottle, fitted the bottle into the machine and pressed the button. I saw that the wine was all fizzy and things looked promising.  That was until I went to remove the bottle and then it was it all went wrong and newly fizzed wine rained down and spread through most of the kitchen.

When the white wine down pour finished and I’d mopped up the mess I did end up with a glass of bubbly that was nice but totally not worth losing half a bottle of wine in a wine shower reminiscent of a formula 1 win.

Next time I’ll buy bubbly from the shop. 

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