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Things I don’t understand

There are obviously many things in the world that I don’t understand like anything beyond basic maths and why people would become suicide bombers, but these are the things I thought about lately and don’t understand:

People who feel the need to reverse into carparks, especially when the carpark in question is full of Christmas shoppers.  How does this save any time? All it does is piss people off because they clog up the car park.

The Kardasians – both Hannahs (shoe store) and Bras & Things have Kardasian lines – does it really make people want to shop there? It makes me not want to shop there.  I think if we all try really hard and we ignore them maybe they’ll go away.  I still don’t know why they got a reality show in the first place and no one I know actually watches it, let’s hope the stupid bints just disappear (not likely I know).

My appendix – I really would like it if it stopped hurting sometime soon.

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