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Stupid useless body parts

Woop Woop new year.

I must say that the new year has gone down hill pretty quickly.  I haven’t been feeling well since Thursday because I have a rumbling appendix.  This is a dreadful thing to be sick with for a few reasons:

  1. It totally sounds made up.
  2. Sure it’ll go away but I know it’s coming back again
  3.  it makes me feel terrible and
  4. The sodding Appendix has pretty much no use at all!

I’ve had this about 5 times before and I’m guessing I’ll have it again and it’s really annoying and apparently taking the damn thing out is not an option – for some reason the medical community want us to keep hold of our useless body parts these days.

On the bright side I’m getting through the large book I’m reading pretty quickly.

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