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And we’ve made it to 2013

2013 marketing trends

Woohoo we’ve made it to 2013, I have big plans for 2013 so watch this space.

I have a few random thoughts for the first day of the new year.

  • It’s a stunning summer day – I wish I could spend more than 5 mins in the sun without getting burnt – a hole in the Ozone layer and Celtic skin don’t mix.
  • Westfield Malls should either all be open or all closed and if they are going to be closed they should advertise the fact – even the people working in The Warehouse next to my nearest Westfield Mall didn’t know it was shut!
  • I really wish George Lucas had named The Stormtroopers something else – it means that I get a very confusing mental image when I read about pre WWII Berlin.
  • 2013 sounds properly sci fi, we really should have flying cars by now! 

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