Clearly I need a pony

This is not a sentiment I express a lot and in fact sounds like I’m channeling my friend Sarah (though I think she’d actually prefer a tea cup pig)  but today it would be really useful to have a horse.

As I’ve said I’m currently between jobs and I have been a number of  interviews since my last contract finished most of which I just missed out on, a couple I missed out on because there was some essential area of experience that I simply didn’t have but mostly I was a close second.  Essentially the message I’m getting is I’m not actually doing anything wrong it’s just I keep coming up against marginally more experience than me. It’s generally a case of I’m awesome, just not quite awesome enough.

Today was another similar situation.  I heard back from an interview I had last week for a role within the horse racing industry,  the good news is they really liked me, my approach to HR and my common sense approach to things.  However I didn’t get the job because I was beaten out by another person – the difference between us? He had shares in a race horse and therefore had industry experience.

I think not getting a job because I don’t have a horse is a pretty unique experience, I’m choosing to find it funny.

Happy Anniversary

Today is a public holiday in Auckland and the top half of the North Island of New Zealand as it’s Auckland Anniversary day, not that it really means a lot given that I don’t actually have a job.

So today I’m celebrating another anniversary; today 200 years ago Pride and Prejudice was released.

If I was really pushed to name one favourite book Pride and Prejudice would probably be it, I generally read once a year. But of course I was a teenager in the 90’s and there’s a very good reason that I started reading Pride and Prejudice and that has nothing to do with wanting to be well versed in the classics and everything to do with Colin Firth.

It was 1996 when the BBC Mini series played in New Zealand, it was the year of Alanis Morrisette, everyone was obsessed with Friends and I had a ‘Rachael’ hair cut (my hair was made for that cut) in the winter of 1996 Pride and Prejudice played and I was obsessed.  I have vivid memories of going on a ski trip for Rangers (oldest branch of Guides in NZ) and us all sitting around at 8.30 on the Sunday and saying “Pride and Prejudice is starting now…” because the cabin didn’t have a TV  – but we’d ALL set our videos to record it.  I also remember my friend and I getting in trouble for not listening History because we were too busy talking about people being ‘agreeable’ and ‘amiable’.

I’ve since gone on to read all of Jane Austen’s books, to wish that her last name was spelt with with an i rather than an e so I could claim that we were related and visited Chawton in Hampshire where she lived and wrote many of her books, the house in Winchester where she died (well the outside) and her grave in Winchester Cathedral.

So Happy Anniversary not only to Auckland but to Pride and Prejudice and The Darcy’s who’ve been living happily ever after for 200 years.

Cloudy with a chance of Chardonnay

About a month ago my flatmate got a soda stream.  This is obviously awesome as like many people who grew up in 80’s I still think of soda streams as being the height of cool, my cousins had a machine (they also had video before we did which was very cool).

Aside from the 80’s cool factor (even if it no longer comes with the swirly glass bottles) there was one thing I’d been I’d been dying to try and that was making bubbly wine out of still wine, which I saw on Heston Blumenthal.  

Admittedly I saw the episode a few years ago and I didn’t bother to check how it was supposed to be done but the premise seemed  pretty simple – put the wine into a soda stream bottle and add fizz.  If only it was that simple.

I poured the wine into a soda stream bottle, fitted the bottle into the machine and pressed the button. I saw that the wine was all fizzy and things looked promising.  That was until I went to remove the bottle and then it was it all went wrong and newly fizzed wine rained down and spread through most of the kitchen.

When the white wine down pour finished and I’d mopped up the mess I did end up with a glass of bubbly that was nice but totally not worth losing half a bottle of wine in a wine shower reminiscent of a formula 1 win.

Next time I’ll buy bubbly from the shop. 

Procrastination time!

Hello people of Blogland!  I hope everyone had a good weekend. I caught up with friends and had some great and terrible meals out which included the worst Panini I’ve ever had.

But enough of that, it’s time for some links to help you avoid whatever needs avoiding.

First up, a lot of people are trying to keep new years resolutions and one of the most common is losing weight.  With that in mind I present Weight Watchers recipe cards – from the mid 1970’s.

Also yet another ‘Totally Geeky but oh so cool‘ website – I really want a hobbit hole -I could totally fit one in my back yard and it would make a great office space to write books in.

Unintended consequences

So I’ve been out of work for a while, my last contract finished in Mid October and while I did have a few interviews there weren’t a heck of a lot around but the new year has seen a flurry of activity.  There have been jobs a plenty to apply for and I have dutifully sent off  quite a few.

Now  it seems I’ve become an HR Consultant without even trying.  Last week I worked for day doing admin work for a small company and because I’m in HR they asked me to look at some of their HR and Health & Safety stuff and today I had a meeting with one of the Directors and the recruitment consultant who placed me and it’s been decided that I’ll be their HR consultant.

If only I could become a published writer with so little planning.

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Things I don’t understand

There are obviously many things in the world that I don’t understand like anything beyond basic maths and why people would become suicide bombers, but these are the things I thought about lately and don’t understand:

People who feel the need to reverse into carparks, especially when the carpark in question is full of Christmas shoppers.  How does this save any time? All it does is piss people off because they clog up the car park.

The Kardasians – both Hannahs (shoe store) and Bras & Things have Kardasian lines – does it really make people want to shop there? It makes me not want to shop there.  I think if we all try really hard and we ignore them maybe they’ll go away.  I still don’t know why they got a reality show in the first place and no one I know actually watches it, let’s hope the stupid bints just disappear (not likely I know).

My appendix – I really would like it if it stopped hurting sometime soon.

First Procrastination helper for the year

So most people are back at work (not me, I’m an unemployed bum) and are struggling to remember what they were supposed to be doing.  I know last year I was surprised to come back to a lot of applications for a job I forgot that I’d posted.

But to ease you all back into working life I have a couple of links to help you put off actually doing any work.

First up is one I discovered yesterday, Lousy Book Covers is  a brilliantly terrible look at the, ahem, wonders of cover art among self published books.  It’s quality like this that make me hesitant to self publish.

The other is an oldie but a goodie – David & Goliath have  a range of clothing and stationary – Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them, they also have a game – which is lots of fun.

Happy Procrastinating.