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It’s a strange time of the year


I hope everyone had a great Christmas if you celebrate and if not I hope you at least got some time off work (says she who currently doesn’t have a job…).  Christmas was good, I went over to my parents place and I made my usual port and orange glaze which I used to bast the ham which we roasted on the BBQ along with a leg of lamb and I got some really nice presents.

This time of year is a bit odd in Auckland, at least half of the city are away somewhere else – mostly at the beach and there’s the weird in between thing where Christmas is over and we’re on the run up to New Year.  Some people have to work, others don’t, some are away and typically event the weather is a bit weird – it’s muggy and can’t decided if it should be sunny or rainy.

In other news I’ve started research on the sequel to my as yet unpublished (and awaiting the results of the competition I entered) novel.  And by research I don’t mean watching episodes of Doctor Who – though I’ve been doing that too – but reading about Ninjas, which is totally relevant.

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