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Merry Christmas

Well it’s finally Christmas Eve and the Christmas pudding is in the slow cooker which is the last bit of baking for Christmas.  I do feel like I have been baking for the last few days as we’ve had a few different goes at Christmas dinner.

On Saturday night my parents and I went over to my Nanna’s to do the Christmas thing with her and I baked a lemon tart, yesterday my Aunty and her partner stayed with my Mum & Dad on their way up north for Christmas and I made several lots of meringues and I’ve just put the Christmas Pudding in the Slow cooker for tomorrow.

From this I learnt the following:

  • My lemon tart was great – which reaffirms my pastry baking ability
  • I cannot make meringues – at all they do not work. I thought it would be easy because I’d made things that were topped with meringue which had been great but it seems meringues are beyond me.

So tomorrow I’m off to my parents tomorrow for Christmas day and in true Kiwi style we’re doing most of Christmas dinner on the BBQ – for the third year in a row we’re doing ham with a port and orange glaze on the BBQ and roast lamb (also on the BBQ) .

So Merry Christmas – I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas.

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