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An Unexpectedly long journey

So there’s a small indie movie out that the moment that you may have heard of – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Now living in New Zealand means that it is very hard to ignore the hype around The Hobbit movies, we’re justifiably proud of Sir Peter Jackson and like the Lord of the Rings before it The Hobbit has been the focus of a lot more hype in New Zealand than in other countries.

But I loved The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and I’ve read The Hobbit so there was no chance that I wasn’t going to the see them.

If there’s one thing I can say about The Hobbit is that it’s long.  Going in I knew that the running time was nearly 3 hours but it actually felt like a long movie and there were several points that I thought ‘right this is the ending’ only for something else to happen, and I really did feel it could have been shorter, this is something that I never felt with the LOTR trilogy. Also while I understand that they’ve added in a lot of extra material from Tolkien’s other writings, things that weren’t in The Hobbit (which is why it’s now a trilogy rather than a single movie) it really has a completely different feel from the book – it’s darker and less fantastical.

Over all I did like it there are some really funny moments and as always it’s beautifully shot and like with all trilogies I will with hold my final verdict untill I’ve seen all three.

I do have some random thoughts:

  • New Zealand is obviously a small country and therefore has a small pool of actors so I was pleasantly surprise to not have a ‘hey it’s that guy from Shortland Street*’ moment.
  • Yes there are dwarves, orcs and hobbits but there’s really no getting away from the fact it was filmed in NZ – it just looks like NZ and that hinders the suspension of disbelief – I wonder if Welsh Doctor Who fans find the same thing.
  • Is it wrong to think a couple of the dwarves are Hot?

*Shortland Street is a local soap I think Anna Paquin is the only famous New Zealand actor who hasn’t been on it

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