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Things to do with pre schoolers

So as I’m an unemployed bum and my flatmate has Tuesday afternoons off work because she works every other Saturday so we decided to go and see the final Twilight movie (don’t judge – it’s like crack) this afternoon.

Now there’s several reasons we decided to go then but one was to avoid Twilight crazy teenagers and general annoying people who take the shine away from the movie going experience.

As soon as we walked into the theatre we saw them – a couple with two children under 5.   Now if we’d gone to see a kids movie then I’d expect it and while Twilight isn’t exactly high art it’s not really appropriate for kids that age –  people getting their heads ripped off and being thrown into the fire really isn’t what I’d call appropriate.  Aside from whether or not the movie is appropriate the kids were flat out not interested and wanted to make noise during the movie and at one point the littlest one started crying but of course he wasn’t taken out of the theatre while he got over his tantrum was he.

We’d finally got to the point where they’d quietened down a bit when the phone of someone behind us rang and she answered it and had a conversation.

Really people the rules of etiquette at the movies are really simple – sit down, put your phone on silent, shut up watch the movie.  The odd quiet comment to your companion is fine but an on going commentary isn’t – it’s that simple.

Especially during Kirsten Stuarts ‘acting’ which I swear has gotten worse.

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