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Glee and talent shows

I know a lot of people consider Glee and music reality show to be the death of music and maybe they have a bit of a point; but regardless of what you say of them there’s one thing they’re good for it’s finding out lyrics to songs you’ve been singing wrong for ages.

Now I have a rain man like ability when it comes to song lyrics but there’s still the odd time I either hear it wrong and know it’s wrong – like in ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift where I’m still convinced it sounds like she’s saying ‘Romeo save me, Good Charlotte tell me how to feel’  or just get it wrong for a bit like when I thought that in the song ‘You and I’ Lady Gaga was saying ‘the Rasta’ rather than Nebraska but usually I figure it out in the end.

But when it comes to songs that I’ve known forever it’s not so easy.  And this is where these shows come into their own. Hearing songs sung by other people often mean that I have moments where I go ‘oh! That’s what that line is’.

The latest episode of Glee was a perfect example, McKinley High was putting on a production of Grease.  Now I have seen Grease quite literally thousands of times, my friend Christina and I once watched it three times in less than 48 hours.  So in tonight’s episode they did most of the number’s of grease (with some interesting substitutions for the odd word) but when they did ‘Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee’ I actually realised that that one of the lines was ‘Even Rock Hudson lost his hear to Doris Day’ I’d never managed to pick that up some how, and obviously haven’t watched watched with my laptop nearby.

So there is a point to these shows! Lyric deciphering.

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