Things to do with pre schoolers

So as I’m an unemployed bum and my flatmate has Tuesday afternoons off work because she works every other Saturday so we decided to go and see the final Twilight movie (don’t judge – it’s like crack) this afternoon.

Now there’s several reasons we decided to go then but one was to avoid Twilight crazy teenagers and general annoying people who take the shine away from the movie going experience.

As soon as we walked into the theatre we saw them – a couple with two children under 5.   Now if we’d gone to see a kids movie then I’d expect it and while Twilight isn’t exactly high art it’s not really appropriate for kids that age –  people getting their heads ripped off and being thrown into the fire really isn’t what I’d call appropriate.  Aside from whether or not the movie is appropriate the kids were flat out not interested and wanted to make noise during the movie and at one point the littlest one started crying but of course he wasn’t taken out of the theatre while he got over his tantrum was he.

We’d finally got to the point where they’d quietened down a bit when the phone of someone behind us rang and she answered it and had a conversation.

Really people the rules of etiquette at the movies are really simple – sit down, put your phone on silent, shut up watch the movie.  The odd quiet comment to your companion is fine but an on going commentary isn’t – it’s that simple.

Especially during Kirsten Stuarts ‘acting’ which I swear has gotten worse.

RIP Bryce Courtenay

Today one of my favourite authors, Bryce Courtenay, died.  He’d had cancer and it had been announced a month or so ago that he was terminally ill and that the book he was releasing (which was released last week) would be his last.

I’ve written on here before that I’m essentially like a drug dealer in that I force books on people and for years one book that’s been pressed on a lot of people has been The Power of One by Bryce Courtney has been high on the list of books that I pressed on people – probably just behind the Harry Potter Series (but then I’ve always said I’m from the evangelical wing of Harry Potter fans).  Between lending out The Power of One to people and reading it repeatedly myself  I’m now onto my second copy of the book.

If you’re not familiar with the book (don’t count the movie because huge liberties were taken with the story and apparently Bryce Courtenay hated the movie – which proves I’m right) it’s the story of PK who is an outsider – he’s sent to a boarding school as a 5 year old where he’s brutally bullied.  He goes on to excel in everything with the idea that he could hide in the front then no one could touch him, set in South Africa in the 1940’s.  It’s an amazing book with a really brilliant ending and any who hasn’t read it really should (but trust me don’t bother with the movie).  The sequel Tandia is nearly as good as is Jessica.

I was lucky enough to meet Bryce Courtney when he was doing a book tour supporting the book Four Fires and he was a really lovely man, I told him I’d read all of his books (which I had at the time – I’ve got a bit of catching up to do) he said ‘Ah! I bet you haven’t read ‘The Family Frying pan’!’ when I told him that actually I had, he was genuinely surprised and apologised and said he usually caught people out with that one.

I still have his last two books to read so I’m lucky but I’ve been reading his books since my late teens and will miss reading new ones.

Teeny Houdini

As I said earlier in the week I’m on house/cat/kitten sitting duty for a couple of days while a friend is out of town.

Now here two adult cats pretty much take care of themselves

Marco looking gorgeous – Nelson didn’t show for a photo

But the three foster kittens are another story.  The three kittens obviously need to be kept away from the adult cats so they stay in one room which would be fine but one of them is a mini Houdini.  She managed to get out of the room without me seeing and up the hall to the next room where she hid behind the door.

This brief taste of freedom clearly hasn’t been enough for her as she now tries to escape every time I go in or out of the room.  But enough of that – here’s the photo’s of the little nippers.

Glee and talent shows

I know a lot of people consider Glee and music reality show to be the death of music and maybe they have a bit of a point; but regardless of what you say of them there’s one thing they’re good for it’s finding out lyrics to songs you’ve been singing wrong for ages.

Now I have a rain man like ability when it comes to song lyrics but there’s still the odd time I either hear it wrong and know it’s wrong – like in ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift where I’m still convinced it sounds like she’s saying ‘Romeo save me, Good Charlotte tell me how to feel’  or just get it wrong for a bit like when I thought that in the song ‘You and I’ Lady Gaga was saying ‘the Rasta’ rather than Nebraska but usually I figure it out in the end.

But when it comes to songs that I’ve known forever it’s not so easy.  And this is where these shows come into their own. Hearing songs sung by other people often mean that I have moments where I go ‘oh! That’s what that line is’.

The latest episode of Glee was a perfect example, McKinley High was putting on a production of Grease.  Now I have seen Grease quite literally thousands of times, my friend Christina and I once watched it three times in less than 48 hours.  So in tonight’s episode they did most of the number’s of grease (with some interesting substitutions for the odd word) but when they did ‘Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee’ I actually realised that that one of the lines was ‘Even Rock Hudson lost his hear to Doris Day’ I’d never managed to pick that up some how, and obviously haven’t watched watched with my laptop nearby.

So there is a point to these shows! Lyric deciphering.

So clearly I suck

So the last few weeks I haven’t been working, initially this was great because I had to finish off my book, but since then I have basically not doing a heck of a lot – tidying up my long neglected room, sorting things out, applying for jobs and going to interviews – that sort of thing.

You would think that this would be a perfect opportunity to tinker with my blog and generally work on my plan for global domination.  Clearly this hasn’t happened. Must try harder.

For the next couple of days I’m going to be cat sitting though.  One of my friends is being foster Mum to 3 SPCA kittens and unfortunately she’s had to go back to her home town as her grandfather has passed away so I’m going over to look after the three kittens and her 2 cats so expect lots of gratuitous kitten photos to come. 

Getting back to normal

So after the last minute dash to get my book submission ready it’s time to get this blog back on it’s feet and resume normal service.  Of course I would have started normal transmission earlier but this blog isn’t called Procrastinators anonymous for nothing!

So in the spirit of getting back to normal – it’s Monday and you know what that means boys and girls? …..No?….it’s too long and you’ve forgotten… well it’s procrastination links time!

My first one for this week is an old favourite and it is absolutely no suitable for work – most people have probably seen it before and it’s Sleep Talkin’ Man which is a really good laugh – even if you’re a vegan (you’ll see) but if you don’t like bad language I’d steer clear.