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And so I’m back

So it has been a wee while since I posted, but I have an actual legitimate cause for not blogging – I was writing, or more to the point rewriting.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m entering a competition at the end of this month (eek!) so the last week or so I’ve been doing a lot of work on the book.  I’ve sent it to a group of my friends for second round of editing this group is made up of

  1. A Shoe shop owner who’s good at picking out the words I’ve forgotten and avid reader
  2. A former teacher who now works in publishing and general grammarian (that’s the polite term)
  3. A university researcher who’s had to edit his thesis and is a general grammarian
  4. A vet and avid reader

This should make sure that all my punctuation, grammar and spelling is perfect and there aren’t any inconsistencies so that I can hopefully wow the judges when I enter it to the competition.

I don’t know that I’ve actually said on here what my book is about.  Essentially it’s about a 16 year old who finds out that that her family have been hiding a massive secret from her – they can time travel.  She only finds out for the first time when she actually travels.  But someone is messing with her life and they seem to be using time travel to do it.

Obviously I can’t share more than that in case I actually win!

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