What have I done? or step by step to entering a writing competition

Yes it’s been a long time again between posts but I have finally finished and sent off my manuscript – aaah!

I thought I’d document the momentous occasion on here – it also might help distract me from the sinking feeling that may it’s 42,000 of complete rubbish.

  Step 1 The title page is printed off in colour     

Step 2 – all printed and waiting to be bound

Step 3 – The finished product!

Step 4 – all bound and ready to post!

Step 5 – all packaged off and in the mail

Step Have a well deserved coffee and chocolate caramel tart

Step 7 – Come home to ‘Congratulations on finishing your novel’ flowers from your flatmate

I would like to thank the staff at Warehouse Stationary in Penrose for being so accommodating, and the customers who had to wait as one of the staff was dealing with my printing, also to the man at the post shop in Sylvia Park who didn’t think it was too insane that I wanted to take a photo of the package before it went and the customers who did think was insane until I explained why I was taking photos.



Random bits and pieces

Well hello people of the blog world! How have you all been?  You’re looking fantastic.

Yes, I am blatantly sucking up because I haven’t posted in about two weeks though I have been pretty busy – I finished up my contract where I was working and I spent last weekend down in Wellington meeting up with a bunch of people I know from the internet and having a fantastic time.

Since I’m not currently working I am focusing on polishing my book as much as I can before the end of the month – so of course I’m procrastinating like mad.

To make up for my lack of recent posts I have pictures!


random pansy in the middle of my back lawn

And another one

And Fonzie showing off for the camera

and again




Can no one get it right?

This week the programme Camelot  started on New Zealand TV.  Now I’m a long time fan of the Arthurian Legends and each time there’s a new adaptation I get my hopes up and tune in.

I recorded Camelot when it screened earlier in the week, and this afternoon sat down to watch it. It’s never a good sign when  you start disagreeing with a TV Show before the titles you know you’re not in good shape.

The standard story of King Arthur goes like this – Arthur’s Dad Uther fancied this woman called Igraine, but there was a slight problem – she was already married.  Rather than admit defeat Uther turned to his magician mate Merlin to do a few spells which would mean Igraine’s hubby was elsewhere fighting and Uther (disguised as Igrianes hubby) would go and have his way with her.   Of course, as is the way in these things Arthur is conceived and Igraine and Uther marry.  Igraine’s Daughters from her first marriage are sent away – Morgan Le Fay is sent to a convent and Morganna is married off.  As part of the deal Merlin takes Arthur away at birth and has him raised  so he’s able to be king.

Camelot decided that Morgan would be Uther’s daughter and Igraine’s step daughter, this is what had me yelling at the TV before the titles had played, I decided to give it a chance.  I should have stopped then as it didn’t get any better, the completely unconvincing Arthur apparently had no idea that his foster parents weren’t his real parents.  Even Joseph Fiennes who I love couldn’t save this and I didn’t even make to the half way point of the episode before deciding that I couldn’t stand this nonsense any longer.

I don’t understand why it’s practically impossible to make a screen adaptation which is consistent with the legend.  The legend has lasted for around 1000 years, which is a pretty good indication that it’s a compelling enough story without changing things.  Take Morgan Le Fay – she is traditionally out for revenge because her mother was essentially raped and forced into marriage by Uther who sent Morgan and her sister away.  Those are pretty strong reasons for wanting revenge – changing the story so that Uther is Morgan’s father doesn’t make her story stronger it makes it weaker.

When I write my Arthur book (which I will one day) I hope that any screen adaptation actually gets the story right.

Stick it to the man

Not something I usually say because A) I’m a pretty law abiding person and B) in a corporate sense as someone who works in HR I pretty much am ‘the man’.  But this week is an exception, it’s Banned Book week, a time where readers of the world stand up and say ‘Oi! Hands off our books!’

A lot of libraries have displays about banned books and there’s some surprising inclusions – my friend Jennie and I are still trying to figure out why the Anastasia books are banned in some places and we saw that in a display when we were at university.

There are usual suspects – the loony tunes people who think that Harry Potter encourages children to worship satan or think that adults can’t decide if they want to read about sex, drugs and rock n roll.

The books I’m currently may not have been banned but given one of them involves  an angry deity possibly smiting a city it’s certainly the kind of thing that could be.  So go read stuff, especially banned stuff.

And so I’m back

So it has been a wee while since I posted, but I have an actual legitimate cause for not blogging – I was writing, or more to the point rewriting.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m entering a competition at the end of this month (eek!) so the last week or so I’ve been doing a lot of work on the book.  I’ve sent it to a group of my friends for second round of editing this group is made up of

  1. A Shoe shop owner who’s good at picking out the words I’ve forgotten and avid reader
  2. A former teacher who now works in publishing and general grammarian (that’s the polite term)
  3. A university researcher who’s had to edit his thesis and is a general grammarian
  4. A vet and avid reader

This should make sure that all my punctuation, grammar and spelling is perfect and there aren’t any inconsistencies so that I can hopefully wow the judges when I enter it to the competition.

I don’t know that I’ve actually said on here what my book is about.  Essentially it’s about a 16 year old who finds out that that her family have been hiding a massive secret from her – they can time travel.  She only finds out for the first time when she actually travels.  But someone is messing with her life and they seem to be using time travel to do it.

Obviously I can’t share more than that in case I actually win!