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It’s spreading

I have managed to not rant on here about the scourge of public transport, the cell phone which plays music. This is going to change now.

There seems to have been a devolution in technology use.  In the late 1970’s Sony, had a great idea, they invented the walkman which meant that you could listen to music anywhere  and listen through head phones.  It was great, I got my first walkman when I was 7 and spent a lot of my childhood & adolescence with my walkman on, ignoring the world.  Especially when I was a teenager, it was essentially telling the rest of the world to sod off.

But things have changed, now phones have the capacity to store music and people seem to think that means that everyone wants to listen to their inevitably crap music.  I know I sound like a cranky old lady by saying this – but usually it’s  teenagers and I think to myself  ‘if I wanted to listen to Nicky Minaj on the train I would.

Today though there was a woman who looked like she was well in her 50s who felt the need to share her taste in music with the whole train.  Unless you plan on doing a Say Anything type scene NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR CRAP MUSIC.

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