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The cat came back

My friend Nicci (former flatmate) sent me a link about a cat who went wandering for three months, which reminded me of the amazing Dorian – the most amazing cat ever.

Dorian the amazing wandering cat

Before I moved into my house I’d  been keeping an eye on the SPCA website and there was one cat I kept looking at, one cat who looked like he was meant to come home with me and that was a cat called Smokey.  Smokey was beautiful and a real character. Then one day they changed his blurb and said he was getting despondent because all the other cats were going to new homes and he was still there and me being the sucker that I am, I phoned my parents to see if they’d look after him until I moved in about a month.

At the SPCA Smokey and I met and we got on well and we left together and went to my parents where he set about charming them.  I wasn’t sold on the name Smokey and my flatmate Amy and I did a quick look for cat names on the internet and quickly decided that Dorian was the perfect name as he was grey, beautiful and just a little bit vain.

Dorian moved to my house the day after I moved in and a few days later he snuck outside. I kept an eye on him but I turned a way for a moment and he disappeared.  I searched for him, he was microchipped but no one bought him into the SPCA or a vet and he didn’t come back and eventually I came to the realisation that he wasn’t coming home.

Embarrassed at having lost a cat so quickly, I didn’t want to go back to the SPCA so I found another rescue shelter and bought home the lovely Fonzie.  Two weeks after I got Fonzie I was calling him as I hadn’t seen him all afternoon and to my surprise Dorian miaowed back.  I don’t know where he’d been but he was in good condition and seemed really pleased to see me.  Unfortunately Dorian needed to be an only cat so after a quick call to my parents it was decided he should live with them.

Dorian was very happy at my parents, he got lots of attention from both of them, but late last year he started losing a lot of weight and after trying a few treatments which didn’t work the only option was to have him put to sleep.

Dorian was a really amazing cat – he was just something special, he had a presence and was just the most amazing cat I’ve ever met.

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