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At the moment at work we’re doing quite a bit of recruitment and we’ve got interviews this week.  Now as most people know there are do’s and don’t’s some should be obvious but based on today’s interview as well as other interviews I’ve done in the past, maybe it’s not so obvious.

  • Research is important, know about the company you’re applying for, but even more basic than that know which role you’re applying for…
  • If you realise part way through the interview that you’re interviewing for a role which is different from the one you thought you were interviewing for but still want to convince your interviewers that you want the job don’t say ‘this is for the lion tamers job’ when it’s become obvious that you’ll be working with monkeys if you’re going to try and convince your interviewers  that you life’s dream is to work with monkeys.
  • Unless you’re interviewing to become a politician, you actually have to answer the question that’s been asked, it pays to listen.

Now more general advice not from today:

  • Be on time
  • Dress like you want the job
  • If you’re told you’re not going to get the job don’t try and argue with the interviewer you’re probably not going to change their mind
  • Remember it’s basically an exercise in marketing yourself, you have to have thought about what your point of difference.

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