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Monday Links

Monday is over and it was a real Monday type Monday too.  Pouring rain, no one wanting to leave their houses and people in my office having personal crises that sort of thing.

But as it’s Monday so it’s time for aides to procrastination:

I’ve linked to Mental Floss before, but they’re doing a really great series on music history.  Now I’m a history geek, and I’m also a music history geek.  The latest in the series is about ‘American Pie’  which is really interesting and I actually learnt some stuff I didn’t know about Buddy Holly and his death.  What they don’t say is that the plane was called American Pie.

There are some websites that I curse the day that I ever found them. Etsy  is one of those sites you can find the most amazing things –  like this which I love but is crazy expensive.  On the flip side there’s also regretsy the tag line (where DIY meets WTF) says it all.



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