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Sunday and my brain checks out

So another not so fabulous week of blogging here at P.A HQ (doesn’t that sound like I have a high rise and lots of assistants running around busily? No? Never mind)  I blame my lack of blogging on the fact that I was sick with a sinus infection and so my brain felt like it was made of cotton wool with someone inside my head banging my head with hammers.

I did write a post but I seem to have failed to actually publish it, the upshot of it was that I’d had some really good feedback on the first three pages of my manuscript.  Lorraine Orman a NZ author who writes for younger readers ran a seminar last weekend that I went to and she offered to review three pages of our work.  She gave me some really useful feedback, really constructive feedback that I can definitely use.  She also said that my work showed a lot of promise and I should consider entering it into the Tessa Duder award which is the competition I want to enter so that’s a huge positive.

But that’s not what this post is about.  Last Sunday I posted about how I stupidly deleted a whole bunch of photos and then tried to abduct my parent’s neighbours cat.  Well clearly Sunday is the day my brain checks out.

When I got home from Father’s day dinner at my parents house, my flatmate was watching The Hunger Games on DVD.  When the DVD finished we flicked through the channels see what was on and my flatmate said ‘Oh! Twister!’ My first thought was ‘God they’ve made a movie out of that game too.’ It wasn’t until I saw Helen Hunt that I remembered the late 90’s and the movie Twister about people who chase, well, twisters.

We did briefly ponder what a Twister movie would be like and decided that it probably wouldn’t get a PG rating.

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