News out of nothing

It must have been a slow news day at the entertainment desk on  Early this afternoon I went onto the website and saw the headline asking ‘Will Doctor Who be coming to NZ?‘ Because I’m gullible  I clicked on the story.

Turns out all it was about was Matt Smith was interviewed by some regional paper and he said “I think it would be an absolutely wonderful place to film Doctor Who,” and then went on to say ‘let’s get Peter Jackson involved – he could direct it’

By the time I got home this ‘story’ had evolved, was on the front page of stuff and someone had talked to Peter Jackson (really it’s a small country) and he said ‘sure I love Doctor Who, sounds great’ as you would if you were a director and someone said ‘hey do you want to direct a programme  you like?’  I wouldn’t be surprised if by tomorrow they’d have organised a kiwi companion for him.

Mind you I’m talking about it so the whole non story ploy has worked.

Monday links

The beginning of another week, one where I foresee a lot of my time being wasted with  TV programmes that are returning for the new season – most of which I’ll even watch on actual TV!

Someone on facebook just posted this which sums up today:

However as it’s Monday it’s time for some links for distraction.

It’s a photography theme today, first up is where so called professional photographers put their industry to shame.

The second site is Awkward Family Photos which I discovered a few years ago and visit from time to time for a laugh – I can’t believe some of these are real!

Advertising countries

Recently there was a lot of hoopla about a new advertising campaign to attract people to New Zealand which is essentially ‘New Zealand – as seen in The Hobbit. I thought that anyone who was interested enough in Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of JRR Tolkein’s work would know by now that the movies were made in New Zealand and if you didn’t a quick glance at (How did I live before that site?) would tell you, though I suppose you wouldn’t know that you can actually visit Hobbiton.

Now I’ve traveled a bit, lived over seas, know people overseas (or at least pretend people in my computer) and I think there are things about the country that just aren’t being sold enough.  For example everyone knows about Australia and how they have most of the worlds most venomous spiders or snakes but do people know that just next door is a country that doesn’t have any snakes at all?  Only NZ and Ireland are completely snake free – that’s a huge selling point.  Add to that we only have one poisonous spider which is really shy and lives in sand dunes and is hardly ever seen, I’ve certainly never seen a Katipo.

The flip side is that we don’t really have any interesting animals – we have slightly odd birds, a lizard which is actually a dinosaur and a bug that is HUGE and looks scary but is actually pretty wussy:

We’re also ahead of the rest of the world – we’re the first country to see each day.

So I think they should rebrand the country – New Zealand, World leaders in time where there are no nasty bity things.

Dear Universe

I don’t ask for much, well maybe I do; but the point is I don’t expect much.  I don’t expect the world to revolve around me, as I learnt a very long time ago that things don’t work that way; however I do expect the world to revolve around me just once a year, and that’s on my birthday, which happens to be today.

Now there’s nothing you can do about this year – this year’s birthday is nearly over – but just an FYI for future years, I don’t want to have to deal with stuff on my birthday.  I don’t even want to go to work on my birthday so don’t make it more unpleasant by throwing up things for me to deal with.  Today started with a flood in the laundry which I had to mop up before I could feed the cat (who’s such a delicate wee flower he didn’t want to stand on the wet floor) and just to book end the day I had to do the same thing when I got home and went to feed the cat (after rescuing said cat from the garage).

I don’t want to deal with stuff like that on a normal day let alone my birthday.  Also throwing in a friend being threatened so that I’d worry about her? Also not cool.

You’ve got a year to sort it out Universe, I expect better.  (though I do acknowledge my great colleagues who bought me a card & choccies and took me out to coffee, my friends who texted and emailed, my flatmate who decorated (photos to follow) and bought bubbly and my parents who took me out to dinner)

Signed Naomi

PS I hope you were paying attention when I made my wish and that wishes made while blowing out a candle on a complementary cake count.

Monday links

Another Monday and as far as Mondays go it wasn’t too bad – despite an allergy thing which made my eyes go funny at one point.

But as it’s Monday it’s time for some procrastination links:

The first link is actually a youtube channel, Honest Trailers.  My friend Jennie told me about this channel over the weekend and I wasted a bit of time looking through them yesterday – a laugh and mostly pretty accurate.

The first link reminded me of another site, How it Should have Ended.  This is pretty self explanatory – how different movies should have ended, and the Hunger Games HISHE makes hearing Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’  much more entertaining.

Finally I’ve linked to The Bloggess before but She painted her kitten’s nails Tardis blue, I’m in awe.

Also I’ve been meaning to say, if anyone has a great time wasting link that I can include on a Monday (after careful vetting and thorough testing of course) let me know.

Cats and fairy tales

This weekend my flatmate’s mother was staying with us up from Christchurch for the weekend.  My flatmate stayed in the office over the weekend, sleeping on the sofa bed.  Of course as Nala practically lives in my flatmates room this threw her a bit, but she soon got used to sleeping in the office. In fact both last night and tonight she was waiting in the office for my flatmate.  Of course tonight the bed has been pulled apart so Nala ended up looking like The Princess and the Pea:

This isn’t the only time that cats and literature have met in this house, there was the time Fonzie reenacted ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat:

And of course there’s Fonzie’s general love of books:

It’s spreading

I have managed to not rant on here about the scourge of public transport, the cell phone which plays music. This is going to change now.

There seems to have been a devolution in technology use.  In the late 1970’s Sony, had a great idea, they invented the walkman which meant that you could listen to music anywhere  and listen through head phones.  It was great, I got my first walkman when I was 7 and spent a lot of my childhood & adolescence with my walkman on, ignoring the world.  Especially when I was a teenager, it was essentially telling the rest of the world to sod off.

But things have changed, now phones have the capacity to store music and people seem to think that means that everyone wants to listen to their inevitably crap music.  I know I sound like a cranky old lady by saying this – but usually it’s  teenagers and I think to myself  ‘if I wanted to listen to Nicky Minaj on the train I would.

Today though there was a woman who looked like she was well in her 50s who felt the need to share her taste in music with the whole train.  Unless you plan on doing a Say Anything type scene NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR CRAP MUSIC.