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Nothing to declare but my own stupidity

OK, so first up I must apologise for my extreme slackness this week, I haven’t posted since Monday and I really don’t have any good reason except slackness – which is no way to take over the world I know.  I have been thinking about the blog, and everyone knows it’s the thought that counts.

Today has been one of those days where you feel like a flaming imbecile, it’s probably just as well it’s a Sunday so I couldn’t muck up at work and really look like an idiot.

As I mentioned on here, earlier this month it was my Dad’s birthday and I gave him a voucher to make a photo book.  A couple of weeks ago I went to my parents, edited their photos and uploaded them all to the website – this took hours.  Today I went to their place again and to arrange the photos and get it all sorted.  Except that I went to delete a photo and deleted the whole album meaning I was almost back to square one.

The other thing that happened concerns my parents new cat Lottie.  She’s quite a shy wee thing and had hidden away on her first trip out.  She came back in during the afternoon and went out again.  After dinner I went out to call her and heard a cat miaowing, saw a tortoise shell cat sitting on the fence, coaxed the cat down to where I could reach her, picked her up and bought her inside. I thought she seemed heavier than I remembered but then she may well have put on weight since she started living with my parents but when I got her inside I realised that her whiskers weren’t as long as they should be and she didn’t have a shaved patch on her front leg where her micro chip had been inserted.  Yep, I had the wrong cat and had in fact kidnapped the neighbours cat and bought it inside. Cue me laughing hysterically and trying to explain what had happened.

Hopefully I’ve got it all out of my system today!


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