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Random bits for a Monday

Another Monday, it was a pretty quiet one at work as all the executive team were off at a retreat so no one was giving anyone any new work.

Random thing 1 – I am fascinated with search terms that bring people to this blog , because not only do people search for these things (normal) they some how end up clicking the link to my blog.  The latest ones that made me laugh was ‘black eye’ and ‘is smacking bottoms sexist’. Now I know exactly which posts these refer to but it still makes me laugh.

Random thing 2 – Look! Spring:

Flowers think it’s spring – I don’t

Random thing 3 – The problem with editing is that you don’t know if you’re making it better or worse – naturally I suspect worse, but then I suspect the whole thing may be rubbish.

Random thing 4 – Fonzie trying to decide if he wants to come in or not

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