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How to look like a dork

So I made it to Friday after a week where I was far busier than I would like to have been especially given that I’ve had to drag myself in most days this week.

I work in an office where we have casual Friday but I had interviews most of the day and had external candidates coming so I dressed up, skirt, tights and took my heels in with me to change into once I got to work because getting to the train at the moment is a bit like an obstacle course so I wore my walking shoes in..

I got to work, went to put my shoes on and realised I only bought one shoe with me, kinda like Cinderella except way less glamorous, but basically I just looked like a dork.  Men have it way easier – not only would they not have to worry about heels (though I’m sure there’s some who’d like to!) but if they wear the trainers with work stuff they look like the 10th Doctor:

Luckily my day did pick up from their and I was so busy that it flew by. Shortly my flatmate will be cutting off the wifi for the weekend so this is me signing off for the weekend.

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