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Olympics Round up – some random thoughts

Well it’s finally all over, the London Olympics have finished and we have to wait for another four years to watch handball, judo and fencing.  Now that it’s all over I have a few random thoughts.

NZ – So good we win medals after the games are over

So in New Zealand we woke up this morning to the news that despite the fact that the games finished we had actually won another gold medal – yay us! Valerie Adams was up graded from Silver to Gold after the original winner was found out as a drug cheat.  It did make me wonder if winning a gold medal like this compares to winning a gold medal the normal way.  I guess Valerie Adams would know, given that she won gold in Beijing as well.

Ha! I’m at the Olympics and you’re not

I was wondering if a lot of the singers and people in bands at the opening and closing ceremonies were weird arty kids at school and are thinking ‘Ha! Who’s at the olympics? Me!’ to all the sporty kids.  That may be because The Kaiser Chief’s were playing at the closing and they sang about a boxing champ.

Best. Games. Ever

Is it just me but at every closing ceremony do they put forward the idea that it’s been the best games ever.


We get told it’s ‘Huge in Europe’  is it really? I am yet to hear anyone say “Oh good! Handball’s on!”

Roll on Rio 2016 – Rugby 7’s are being introduced so that guarantees a medal of some variety for NZ. Yay us!

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