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When I rule the world

Today’s been one of those days.  A day when given a choice I may not have gotten out of bed, I definitely wouldn’t have left the house.  Due to various bits and pieces I really didn’t want to go to work but wasn’t actually sick so I’d have a hard time justifying not being at work.  So I went, and actually got a fair amount accomplished but I did start thinking about how I’d run things if I could be in charge and make the rules.

Mental Health/Duvet days

In addition to the 5 sick days you get by law, I would have an additional 2 days per year that you could have as mental health days, when you can just phone up and say ‘it’s just not going to happen today’.  Obviously this would be more of a privilege than a right and if you had high absentee rate then it would be revoked and couldn’t be called in if you had a deadline.

Birthday’s off

Everyone should be able to have their birthday’s off.  There are a few businesses who do this and I think it’s a great idea.

Summer hours

Over the three months of summer the office closes at lunch time on a Friday. I love this idea

Morning Tea/Lunch

Once a month some form of morning tea or lunch, doesn’t need to cost a lot but can be a good morale boost.

None of these need to cost a lot of money and in fact at times like these when times are tight non monetary things can be a good way of keeping people engaged.  I always say that if your company can’t afford to spring for a few pizzas or a few cakes you’ve got much bigger problems.

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