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Le Chef

Tonight I went to see Le Chef.  One of my friends and I decided to go to dinner and decided to go to the movies as well.  Our original plan was to go to Elliot Stables because I hadn’t actually been to any of the restaurants there since it’d been done up.  We hit a snag though in the fact that we couldn’t actually agree on any of the movies playing at the multiplex near by.  We decided instead to go to the small art house cinema in another suburb and go to a fantastic Japanese restaurant next door that we really like, and in the end we decided to see Le Chef.

Le Chef is a french film about a celebrity chef with a Michelin star restaurant who’s run out of ideas and a wannabe chef who keeps getting fired from various kitchens for thinking he knows more than anyone else. It was a pretty familiar story of two opposites pulling together to sort out their lives but it was done really well.  It was really well done and as a light comedy it really worked.

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