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I’m basically like a drug dealer

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that in a lot of ways I’m kind of like a drug dealer, one that really wants to get you hooked.  The difference is that instead of trying to push drugs on people I push books on people.

If anyone shows the slightest weakness, shows the slightest interest in any genre of book I read and I’m in, pressing books on them, writing out recommendations.  This goes double for people who are recent recruits to the worlds reading, if they’ve picked up a couple of books and enjoyed them I try and take advantage, get them reading more books, other books.

Most people who know me know that if I start trying to get them to read something it’s much easier to just read the damn book, because then I’ll go away and leave them alone.  People who don’t know me so well haven’t wised up yet, they are willing to let me bang on about books a bit more, suckers.

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