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It’s like Christmas!

And not just because I’ve had ‘Silver Bells’ stuck in my head for most of the afternoon.

Today was one of the very best kind of days, it was a day when books arrive in the mail. And really when you get more than one book in the mail, it’s definitely like Christmas, a very strange a skewed version of Christmas certainly, but Christmas none the less.

The Loot

I almost feel like I’ve been given the books for free, because it’s taken ages for the books to get here from amazon UK.  The last time Jasper Fforde released a Thursday Next book I had trouble sourcing it locally so I decided to make life easier for myself by ordering it directly from amazon and their stupid recommendation system (by stupid I mean alarmingly accurate) showed up another book by Jasper Fforde which I didn’t know was out and the last Artemis Fowl book.

Of course I did see the latest Thursday Next book in the shops – typical! Last time when I asked about ‘One of our Thursdays is Missing’  I got looked at like I was asking for The Illiad in it’s original Greek.

Of course the next question is which to read first?

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