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Today’s blog entry is basically a rant, a rant that I’m writing here because my flatmate is sick of hearing me rant on the subject.  It’s a rant about a pet hate of mine.

Call me old fashioned but the news is a fairly simple concept you report the events of the day in a relatively unbiased way.  Now the unbiased bit has largely gone by the wayside, especially with networks like fox news in the US who have an obvious agenda.  But the thing that really irritates me about news in New Zealand is that they often position a story which they preface as a news story only to give you the highlights of the story and tell you ‘more revelations later on X current affairs show’.

It’s not news! It’s an extended ad for a programme later that night.  It’s not saying that it’s not news worthy or interesting and if there was some major development on the back of the story being run on the current affairs show then fair enough. But either the story and current affairs show is strong enough to stand on its own or it’s not, make a choice and stop painting something as news that really isn’t.

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