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A new member of the family

It was my Dad’s birthday on Thursday and Mum decided to give him a cat for his birthday.  My Dad loves cats and they lost their cat – the most awesome cat in the world – to kidney failure just before Christmas, so today we went off to the SPCA to find a cat to adopt.

I wanted to take them all home and left to me I probably would have bought home either the most beautiful fluffy cat who was there, a 3 legged ginger called Charlie or a 10 year old sweaty who was a real smoocher.

Dad was taken by a tiny little girl cat named Lottie – who took one look at Dad and decided she wanted to come home with him:

Lottie in her cage at the SPCA

So the appropriate paper work was completed and Mum paid for the cat, food and kitty litter and it was off home.  Most cats are pretty vocal when you put them in a box and drive them somewhere – not Lottie though, she sat very quietly all the way home.  She was incredibly chilled:

The very quiet box

Laid back Lottie – this is how she looked when we opened the box

She decided to come out of the box and explore but wanted to stay close to her new person.

She’s very sweet and very smoochy and quite happily curled up on Dad’s lap – looks like she’s happy in her new home.  She was abandoned by her previous owners – how anyone could leave behind such a sweet little girl is beyond me.



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