Lots of links

Well I’ve managed to get to the end of Monday – woohoo! So now I’ve got next weekend to look forward to.

In the mean time I figure Monday will be my random links/aides for procrastination day from now on and I’ll start with some really random links.

Everyone’s probably seen this already but how can you not love Dog Shaming.

You’re not a photographer is also worth a look for a good laugh.

This video was put together by Goyte of all the different youtube versions of Somebody that I used to know (personally I like this version.)

I’ve mentioned before how great Mental Floss is for wasting time, but last week was particularly good, with Four Royal Scandals Jucier than Prince Harry playing strip Billiards and Lit Strip quiz – the Harry Potter edition (I got full marks!)

So if you get any work done after this don’t blame me!

Nothing to declare but my own stupidity

OK, so first up I must apologise for my extreme slackness this week, I haven’t posted since Monday and I really don’t have any good reason except slackness – which is no way to take over the world I know.  I have been thinking about the blog, and everyone knows it’s the thought that counts.

Today has been one of those days where you feel like a flaming imbecile, it’s probably just as well it’s a Sunday so I couldn’t muck up at work and really look like an idiot.

As I mentioned on here, earlier this month it was my Dad’s birthday and I gave him a voucher to make a photo book.  A couple of weeks ago I went to my parents, edited their photos and uploaded them all to the website – this took hours.  Today I went to their place again and to arrange the photos and get it all sorted.  Except that I went to delete a photo and deleted the whole album meaning I was almost back to square one.

The other thing that happened concerns my parents new cat Lottie.  She’s quite a shy wee thing and had hidden away on her first trip out.  She came back in during the afternoon and went out again.  After dinner I went out to call her and heard a cat miaowing, saw a tortoise shell cat sitting on the fence, coaxed the cat down to where I could reach her, picked her up and bought her inside. I thought she seemed heavier than I remembered but then she may well have put on weight since she started living with my parents but when I got her inside I realised that her whiskers weren’t as long as they should be and she didn’t have a shaved patch on her front leg where her micro chip had been inserted.  Yep, I had the wrong cat and had in fact kidnapped the neighbours cat and bought it inside. Cue me laughing hysterically and trying to explain what had happened.

Hopefully I’ve got it all out of my system today!


Random bits for a Monday

Another Monday, it was a pretty quiet one at work as all the executive team were off at a retreat so no one was giving anyone any new work.

Random thing 1 – I am fascinated with search terms that bring people to this blog , because not only do people search for these things (normal) they some how end up clicking the link to my blog.  The latest ones that made me laugh was ‘black eye’ and ‘is smacking bottoms sexist’. Now I know exactly which posts these refer to but it still makes me laugh.

Random thing 2 – Look! Spring:

Flowers think it’s spring – I don’t

Random thing 3 – The problem with editing is that you don’t know if you’re making it better or worse – naturally I suspect worse, but then I suspect the whole thing may be rubbish.

Random thing 4 – Fonzie trying to decide if he wants to come in or not

Surfacing after a weekend of lockdown

Well this weekend wasn’t exactly a wild non stop partying (not that my weekends ever are) but I’ve had a hugely productive weekend.

My flatmate shut off the wifi and took the router into her room so I couldn’t reconnect it, this absolutely drastic action was so that I could actually get concentrate on getting some writing done without getting distracted by nice, shiny youtube clips, angry birds and other internet distractions. It totally worked, I’ve reviewed 8 chapters and have finally cracked the 40,000 words mark.  This is really huge for me because the competition I want to enter in October the minimum word count is 40,000 and given I’ve passed that and I still need to do a lot of work on the ending, as in a complete rewrite, it’s one less thing that I need to worry about.

How to look like a dork

So I made it to Friday after a week where I was far busier than I would like to have been especially given that I’ve had to drag myself in most days this week.

I work in an office where we have casual Friday but I had interviews most of the day and had external candidates coming so I dressed up, skirt, tights and took my heels in with me to change into once I got to work because getting to the train at the moment is a bit like an obstacle course so I wore my walking shoes in..

I got to work, went to put my shoes on and realised I only bought one shoe with me, kinda like Cinderella except way less glamorous, but basically I just looked like a dork.  Men have it way easier – not only would they not have to worry about heels (though I’m sure there’s some who’d like to!) but if they wear the trainers with work stuff they look like the 10th Doctor:

Luckily my day did pick up from their and I was so busy that it flew by. Shortly my flatmate will be cutting off the wifi for the weekend so this is me signing off for the weekend.


Douglas Adams had a great quote about deadlines: I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.

Of course that’s fine for someone who’s a working writer – you know, the kind that gets paid for writing and has lots of people who read their work (not that I don’t appreciate my small but perfectly formed following), but if you’re a writer who still needs a day job and you have a deadline for a competition which could change the situation, letting the deadline whoosh by isn’t an option.

It occurred to me today that I’ve got two months to finish work on my book before I enter it into the competition I want to enter. TWO MONTHS.  I’ve done a lot of work but I still have quite a bit to go and it’s the re writing, fixing, etc. ie the boring parts, the parts that are about making sure it all makes sense and the characters walk and talk like individual people with their own motivations.

The intensive writing starts this weekend, my flatmate has agreed to disconnecting the wifi and hiding the router in her room for the room because when the internet is around I can’t be trusted. So by the end of the weekend I’ll either have done a lot of work or have gone round the twist.

Olympics Round up – some random thoughts

Well it’s finally all over, the London Olympics have finished and we have to wait for another four years to watch handball, judo and fencing.  Now that it’s all over I have a few random thoughts.

NZ – So good we win medals after the games are over

So in New Zealand we woke up this morning to the news that despite the fact that the games finished we had actually won another gold medal – yay us! Valerie Adams was up graded from Silver to Gold after the original winner was found out as a drug cheat.  It did make me wonder if winning a gold medal like this compares to winning a gold medal the normal way.  I guess Valerie Adams would know, given that she won gold in Beijing as well.

Ha! I’m at the Olympics and you’re not

I was wondering if a lot of the singers and people in bands at the opening and closing ceremonies were weird arty kids at school and are thinking ‘Ha! Who’s at the olympics? Me!’ to all the sporty kids.  That may be because The Kaiser Chief’s were playing at the closing and they sang about a boxing champ.

Best. Games. Ever

Is it just me but at every closing ceremony do they put forward the idea that it’s been the best games ever.


We get told it’s ‘Huge in Europe’  is it really? I am yet to hear anyone say “Oh good! Handball’s on!”

Roll on Rio 2016 – Rugby 7’s are being introduced so that guarantees a medal of some variety for NZ. Yay us!