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Differing world views

Every now and then you come across someone who has a completely different world view to you, someone who expresses an opinion so far removed from yours that you can’t quite believe they said what they did because so few people hold that view.  Today I had just such a moment, a colleague said that she didn’t like The Beatles at all, she also doesn’t like the Stones.

Now if this was someone who didn’t like Rock/pop music at all, someone who perhaps preferred classical I could maybe understand but to me saying you don’t like The Beatles is like saying you don’t like music. This sin’t a band with one sound, surely there’s something for everyone – from up tempo pure pop on She Loves You, to rock in Helter Skelter, from sweetly and simply romantic in Here, There and Everywhere to psychedelic in Tomorrow Never Knows, from sadly sentimental in Yesterday to the epic scale of A Day in the Life, hell they even did country in one of the only two songs Ringo wrote in Don’t Pass me by (a song I really don’t like).

To me you can’t say you’re a fan of bands like U2 or the Foo Fighters and then actively dislike The Beatles because without The Beatles you wouldn’t have those bands even Dave Grohl says so.

People who know me would probably think I would be more indignant about people bad mouthing Harry Potter but I can understand that people don’t like fantasy and so wouldn’t like the books but to me I just can’t understand people not liking The Beatles.


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