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Opening Ceremony, London Olympics

Yes, this is another post about the olympics.  I have to confess that when it comes to the Olympics really haven’t out grown finding them really exciting.

I had high hopes for the opening ceremony but that’s because a lot of the things I love are English and I knew there was a high chance that some of them would be in the opening ceremony.

While the beginning bit set in Hobbiton was a bit odd and I admit that when the strange interpretive dancing came on, I went and put a load of washing on; over all I enjoyed it, how could I not when two of my favourite things were included.  First JK Rowling who’s my idol read from Peter Pan then there was a giant Lord Voldemort, and later Sir Paul McCartney came on to sing a couple of Beatles numbers.

The bit with Rowan Atkinson was brilliant and the way the Olympic flame was lit was so well done I couldn’t be disappointed that it wasn’t lit either by David Tennant as 10th Doctor just as in one of the episodes or by David Beckham in his undies which was another popular suggestion.

I do have a couple of questions though:

  1. Did I see Noel Fielding as the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, google’s not giving me a definitive answer – I hate it when google fails me.
  2. Yes Mary Poppins the character is English but they do know the book was written by an Australian? As much as I hate giving credit to the Aussies.
  3. What the hell were designers thinking in the Czech Republic, Germany and Mexico?
  4. So they were playing British music while during the Parade of Nations but they played U2 who are Irish – a bit politically iffy isn’t it?


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