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What a week for Procrastinators anonymous! I feel like this week the blog has left high school, got into university and is leaving home for the first time.

Last night the little man inside the computer who counts every time someone comes onto this site ticked the counter over on to 1,000.  Over the last 7 months people have looked on here at what I’ve read 1000 times.  Now initially the people coming to this blog were friends of mine from facebook so if I saw that someone from the Czech Republic, or Norway I’d know who it was but I’m getting more people stumbling upon this site and just this week some of these people have liked and followed my blog. 

So here’s a toast you:

May you keep reading my blog, tomorrow morning I’ll be on twitter (Naomi_A79) tweeting about that whole olympics thing that’s going on (I’m a little bit excited about that) and next weekend I’m going to the SPCA with my parents to help them choose a new cat so I can promise more cat photos.  But mostly thank you.

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